Jon Hamm Responds Perfectly to His ’90s Dating Show Loss


Jon Hamm may have rose to fame playing the debonair Don Draper in Mad Men , but a clip from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4 proves that Hamm wasn’t always as suave as his career-making role. Season 4 Episode 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt features a clip of a young Jon Hamm on a dating show , reframed to make it seem like it’s a younger version of his Kimmy Schmidt character, the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, clumsily trying to flirt his way into the heart of a fellow contestant. The dating show clip in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt may seem to ridiculous to be true, but curious Jon Hamm fans can watch the entire episode right now. Mild spoilers for Kimmy Schmidt ahead. Other shows and films have had to put in a lot of effort into digital effects to making their actors look younger for flashback sequences — Anthony Hopkins in Westworld and Carrie Fisher in Rogue One are two famous recent examples. However, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was gifted with a clip from Hamm’s actual youth that’s perfectly suited to the true crime docuseries style of the season’s third episode.

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DATE: I’m David Bianculli of tvworthwatching. The network and the show’s creator just agreed to terms which will continue “Mad Men” through its seventh and final season. Our guest, Jon Hamm, stars as Don Draper, a creative director at the advertising agency who epitomizes the creative, troubled, handsome, sexist, cigarette-smoking, liquor-drinking man of the s.

But in the most recent season, which just came out this week on DVD, he’s gone off the rails.

The latest Jon Hamm news, blogs and videos on Metro. From crashing offices to breaking into houses: Friends locked in life-long game of Tag on wildest tags ever Mad Men’s Jon Hamm ‘dating Peaky Blinders actress Annabelle Wallis’ Galifianakis literally caught in the crossfire in Keeping Up With The Joneses clip.

Subscribe today! Sam Alipour: Hollywood is littered with baseball scripts. So why was “Million Dollar Arm” the one? Jon Hamm: It’s not really a baseball movie. It’s not “Major League” or “The Natural. It’s just set against the backdrop of baseball. Alipour: I’m gonna come clean with you: While watching your film, something wet fell from my eyes. Hamm: Oh, it got a little dusty? Alipour: A little bit. What sports movie makes Jon Hamm weep?

Jon Hamm Saying “My Vag” Is the Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

Jon Hamm ‘s name may now be synonymous with smooth, suave and dapper. But that wasn’t always the case. Footage has been unearthed of the actor almost 20 years ago when he appeared on the ’90s dating show The Big Date , hosted by Mark Walberg. Not that Mark Wahlberg, this one. Hamm is listed as a waiter read: aspiring actor.

However, a new clip of Jon Hamm’s career before Mad Men has Young Hamm was a broke waiter who went on the dating show, The Big.

The Internet never forgets! This gem was recently rediscovered, placed on YouTube, and reveals a year-old Jon Hamm losing the affection of a lady, to an orange-hued guy named Marc, on national television. The episode of USA’s dating game show The Big Date gives us a look at a youthful, shaggy-haired Hamm, who outlines his plans to woo a woman as follows: “Start off with some fabulous food, a little fabulous conversation, end it with a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fabulosity.

Watch the clip below:. Hamm wasn’t the only Mad Men star who was workin’ it in the late ’90s—here’s Christina Hendricks in an Everclear video :. By submitting your information, you’re agreeing to receive communications from New York Public Radio in accordance with our Terms. Do you know the scoop? Comment below or Send us a Tip. Thank you. Donate Today.

Emmy spotlight: ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ spins ‘Party Monster’ into true crime mockumentary gold

How funny it depends on how funny the celebrities are, and last night Jon Hamm and Keri Russell proved themselves more than up to the comedic challenge. The bulk of the clip was spent with Fallon collecting words from the pair at his desk to be utilized in a sketch. You can watch this all above. After a break to throw on some costumes and give the production assistants time to write the chosen words on cue cards, the three traipsed on over to an airplane set.

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Fans of the hit show Mad Men are in love with Don Draper. Fans are obsessed with his good looks, smooth personality, and the fact that he seems to get everything he wants. Jon Hamm, who plays Draper, also has won fans over with his calm poise on the red carpet. Hamm comes across as charming, charismatic, and confidant and fans rarely see him at a disadvantage. The clip is from and it shows Hamm long before he played the stylish Don Draper. Young Hamm was a broke waiter who went on the dating show, The Big Date.

Hamm appears with long hair, a messy beige collared shirt, and dress pants. Hamm and the two other male contestants are competing against each other to win a date with the pretty female contestant Mary. When the host of the show asked Hamm what the perfect date with him is, the answer is nothing Mad Men fans would expect. Instead of selling himself elegantly like Don Draper would, unfashionable Hamm says that the date should start off with fabulous food, then have some fabulous conversation, then maybe a fabulous foot massage.

While female contestant Mary makes her choice, Hamm is visibly nervous, and can be seen fidgeting in the chair. Even though the host, Mark L Waberg, points out to Mary that Hamm is all about being fabulous, Mary still rejects him.

Jon Hamm Career Before Mad Men Revealed

Didn’t realize the Jon Hamm dating show clip was real self. That clip made the usual internet rounds a few years ago. I was really tickled to see it pop up again this context. I did know about the Jon Hamm dating show clip, but it also fit in really well with the Rodney James Alcala appearance! I thought it was a reference to Alcala.

A clip from a episode of “The Big Date” has resurfaced, showing an awkward, long-haired Jon Hamm trying to woo a potential suitor long.

Earlier in the week, the Internet blessed us with the amazing video of a year-old Jon Hamm losing on a dating game show. While it may seem shocking now that the “Mad Men” star wasn’t picked, he did have a terrible ’90s bowl cut and found things far too “fabulous” for any woman to handle. Even Hamm himself isn’t surprised that he wasn’t chosen on the show.

The actor says he still gives his partner of 16 years foot massages, as he proposed to do for the woman on the dating show, and that he made sure she knew about his game show appearance back in the day. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons.

Yes, that’s actually footage of a clueless young Jon Hamm in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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Jon Hamm: It’s not really a baseball movie. It’s not “Major Alipour: Speaking of painful, your dating-game show video recently set the Internet on fire. I just want you to know that your hair in that clip almost made me cry again.

It does not surprise me that Jon Hamm sported a wispy middle part in the 90’s, considering that it was the most popular haircut of the decade. However, because Hamm didn’t reach the peak of his stardom until more than a decade later, as the part of debonair Don Draper on the show Mad Men , his hairdo has made viral waves after a video clip of his appearance on dating show, The Big Date , was exposed yesterday. Since Hamm is so closely associated with his hyper-masculinized roles, like Don Draper or his misogynist character, Ted, in the movie Bridesmaids, it is always a refreshing surprise to see someone’s masculinity fail them.

In , when this show aired, Hamm was a struggling actor in Hollywood, desperate for any sort of time onscreen. After being asked what kind of perfect date he had in mind for the bachelorette, Hamm’s answer was so brilliantly dumb:. The bachelorette cringes and the audience thunders with laughter.

The Big Date – Ep. 50 (Featuring Jon Hamm)

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